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Bill Act Title Author
HB 159 n/a Postconviction Relief T. Bacala
HB 227 n/a Civil Procedure Continuous Revision N. Muscarello
HB 236 n/a Mental Health Evaluations D. McMakin
HB 722 n/a Bergeron Standard P. Thomas
HB 803 n/a Interruption of Prescription N. Muscarello
SB 16 Act 88 Civil Procedure Expert Testimony T. Pressly
SB 23 n/a Planned Community Act G. Miller
SB 29 Act 89 Allocation of Community Property G. Miller
SB 32 Act 90 Small Successions G. Miller
SB 39 Act 92 Children's Code Continuous Revision B. Mizell
SB 61 Act 123 Limited Continuing Tutorship F. Foil
SB 63 n/a Factory-Built Homes J.P. Coussan
SB 75 n/a Electronic Filing and Record Retention J. Morris
SB 80 n/a Pooled Trusts F. Foil
SB 103 Act 32 Appointment of Interpreters R. Duplessis
SB 110 n/a UCC Amendments T. Pressly
SB 188 Act 98 Collaborative Family Law Act J.P. Coussan
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