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Bill Act Title Author
HB 172 Act 37 Trust Code Revocable Trusts G. Miller
HB 184 Act 38 Civil Procedure Recusal G. Miller
HB 213 n/a Successions Auto Revocation G. Miller
HB 225 Act 40 Successions Repeals G. Miller
HB 247 Act 42 Criminal Procedure Recusal T. Magee
HB 272 Act 614 Marriage-Persons Mental Health Evaluations P. Jefferson
HB 360 Act 272 Children's Code Continuous Revision S. Hilferty
HB 403 Act 620 Marriage-Persons Use and Occupancy P. Jefferson
HB 560 n/a Children's Code Domestic Abuse A. Freeman
SB 109 n/a Planned Community Act R. Ward
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