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Bill Act Title Author
HB 39 Act 143 Recusal T. Magee
HB 81 Act 414 Prescription T. Pressly
HB 108 Act 416 In Forma Pauperis E. Larvadain
HB 140 Act 68 Civil Procedure Technology N. Muscarello
HB 152 Act 259 Civil Procedure Continuous Revision G. Miller
HB 159 n/a Domestic Abuse M. White
HB 164 Act 174 Preliminary Default R. Carter
HB 523 n/a Bad Faith Insurance P. Tarver
SB 9 Act 158 Children's Code Continuous Revision E. Price
SB 59 n/a Risk Fee Act B. Hensgens
SB 109 n/a Postconviction Relief F. Foil
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