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Bill Act Title Author
HB 39 n/a Recusal T. Magee
HB 81 n/a Prescription T. Pressly
HB 108 n/a In Forma Pauperis E. Larvadain
HB 140 n/a Civil Procedure Technology N. Muscarello
HB 152 n/a Civil Procedure Continuous Revision G. Miller
HB 159 n/a Domestic Abuse M. White
HB 164 n/a Preliminary Default R. Carter
HB 523 n/a Bad Faith Insurance P. Tarver
SB 9 n/a Children's Code Continuous Revision E. Price
SB 59 n/a Risk Fee Act B. Hensgens
SB 109 n/a Postconviction Relief F. Foil
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