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Bill Act Title Author
HB 295 158 Title 33 revision–ongoing revision Rep. Burrell
HB 319 328 Corporations Revision Model Act Rep. Foil
HB 391 n/a Title 33–moves Law Enforcement Training Inst. Rep. Richard
HB 445 169 Children's Code–continuous revision Rep. N. Landry
HB 607 655 CCP–continuous revision Rep. Abramson
HB 611 520 UCC–change to match uniform act Rep. Abramson
HB 615 n/a Utility Servitudes Rep. Abramson
HB 619 793 Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Rep. Abramson
HB 1114 n/a Successions Rep. Abramson
HB 1133 356 Power of attorney for the elderly Rep. T. Burns
SB 55 280 CCrP–2.0+ BAC DWI= crime of violence Sen. Kostelka
SB 85 134 Child Support–net cost calculation Sen. Murray
SB 89 281 Security Devices–revision of pledge, security and registry Sen. Peacock
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